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Bramble Berry , is a creative company that offers custom painted signs, furniture, murals, faux finishes, mosaics and ceramic tile.

At the heart of Bramble Berry is decorative painter and fine artist, Felicia Cawley.  Her colorful whimsical style is reflected in this online portfolio.  Through use of paint and other media, Felicia delights in bringing her clients' imagination to life.  Furniture, walls, floors and floor cloths, ceilings, even clocks and shoes, nothing escapes her brush.  Bramble Berry  also offers custom painted fired tile backsplashes.  It's about making art functional. 

Bramble Berry is currently launching a line of limited edition knobs and drawer pulls.  These artistic knobs, made of a resilient epoxy plastic, some embellished with rhinestones, are each a work of art.  They are sealed with several layers of varnish for a highly durable product.  Now in the same line are fanciful hand painted phones.  Using vintage or new touch tone phones, Bramble Berry creates irresistable one-of-a-kind pieces that will add charm and whimsy to any space.

 Felicia also uses her fine art skills to create delightful paintings of children and animals, and any other subject which inspires her muse.  An award winning artist both locally and nationally, her work has a distinctive style that is truly charming..


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